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I, am Miriam your camp host and operator and founder of the of park. Many years ago, this property was well known as the Cowlitz Motel RV Park. After years of abandonment, a new owner has stepped in to restoring this beautiful property. We started this journey at the end of 2008. The next five to six years were spent doing a lot of renovation and paper work " tons of both". In August of 2014 we were finally able to have a grand opening celebration. It has taken many years and still renovating, "cabins, club hall ect". and a whole lot sweat. But now that the debris has been cleared, we're proud to share with you RiversEdge Lodge & RV Park and Camping.

We, Love living and work in park also meeting happy camper from all over the world. We enjoy watching wildlife has will as the river activates fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing or just watching people drifting down river it a very happy life. We take great strides to insure all of our guest have a joyful experience.

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